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In addition to the IMU Executive Committee which administers the International Mathematical Union in general, various Committees and Commissions address specific issues on the IMU agenda. In general, Commissions are established by the IMU members and are supposed to have a long lifetime, see item IV. of the IMU Statutes, while Committees can be established by the IMU EC and/or the IMU General Assembly, usually for a special short to medium term purpose.

IMU Commissions

The International Mathematical Union has guidelines for joint commissions.

International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (ICMI)

Commission for Developing Countries (CDC)

Beginning in January 2011, the work done so far by the Commission for Development and Exchanges (CDE) and the Developing Countries Strategy Group (DCSG) is continued by CDC.

International Commission on the History of Mathematics (ICHM)

The International Commission on the History of Mathematics is an inter-union commission joining the International Mathematical Union and the Division of the History of Science (DHS) of the International Union for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (IUHPST). The ICHM has the following international aims: (a) to encourage the study of the history of mathematics; and (b) to promote a high level of historically and mathematically sophisticated scholarship in the field.

The IMU participates in the ICHM activities via appointing two IMU representatives as members of the ICHM Executive Committee.

IMU Committees

Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC)

Committee for Women in Mathematics (CWM)

  • See for detailed information on this committee on the CWM Web site.

Other Committees

Of very short term are the Committees set up and elected at the beginning of each meeting of the General Assembly. These are the

  • Credentials Committee
  • Tellers Committee
  • Finance and Dues Committee
  • Resolutions Committee
  • Election Committee.

The roles these Committees play and the membership of these Committees at the last General Assembly in Gyeongju can be found here.

Of particular importance is the election of the members of the IMU EC, CDC and ICHM.The election rules are described in the Procedures for the Election that were adopted by the IMU General Assembly in Bangalore in 2010. An IMU Nominating Committee forms the slates for the IMU EC, CDC and ICHM, while a special ICMI Nominating Committee forms the slate for the ICMI EC.

IMU Nominating Committee 2018

The 2018 IMU Nominating Committee will be appointed at the end of 2016.

ICMI Nominating Committee 2016

The 2016 ICMI Nominating Committee will be appointed at the end of 2014.

last updated: 2015-05-06