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The International Union invites every country in the world with mathematical activities to become an IMU Member. A country that is starting to develop its mathematical culture and is interested in building up links to mathematicians the world over is invited to join IMU as an Associate Member.

The International Mathematical Union has no individual members. Its Members and Associate Members are countries. Each (Associate) Member country is represented through an Adhering Oganization, which may be its principal academy, a mathematical society, its research council or some other institution or association of institutions, or an appropriate agency of its government.

Each country interested in becoming an IMU Member or Associate Member is encouraged to contact the IMU Secretary <secretary(at)> who will outline the benefits of IMU membership and the application procedure. An overview of these can be found here. The formalities of IMU associate and ordinary membership can be found in the IMU Statutes, see chapters II and III.

Currently, IMU has the following

Member Countries

The list of IMU member countries contains also, for each country,

  • the Adhering Organization
  • the Committee of Mathematics
  • a list of Mathematical Societies in the country.

Associate Members

A country may adhere to the Union as an Associate Member through an Adhering Organization as described above. This type of membership has been created to encourage countries with currently low mathematical research output but determined to create their own mathematical research activities to join the worldwide IMU network. Associate membership is supposed to help build links with other IMU members and to provide opportunities to benefit from the work of IMU's commissions and comittees.

Affiliate Members

For the purpose of facilitating jointly sponsored activities and jointly pursuing the objectives of the IMU, multi-national mathematical societies and professional societies can be affiliated with the Union.

Details about affiliation can be found in the Statutes under chapter IV.

Notification of Changes

Affiliate Members and the Adhering Organizations of (Associate) Members are requested to inform the IMU of any relevant change (address, contact person, etc.) that needs an update in the IMU files and on this website.
Please send an e-mail to
secretary(at) with a Cc: to technician(at)

What are 'Membership Groups'?

IMU has five groups of membership. Membership in group n provides n votes in the General Assembly. The dues increase nonlineary with the group number. For instance, the dues for group V are twelve times the dues for group I. The Statutes describe this in article 6 more formally: "The adherence of a country is in one of the five groups I-V with corresponding voting powers and contributions as set out in articles 19 and 25. A country may change its classification with the approval of the Members of the Union upon recommendation of the Executive Committee."

IMU Membership Dues

See the current IMU Membership Dues.

Committee for Mathematics

Each Adhering Organization of an (Associate) Member is supposed to form a Committee for Mathematics that acts as a liaison between IMU and the member country. We quote from the Statutes:

5. In each case, the Adhering Organization shall form a Committee for Mathematics and its adherence to the Union shall not become effective until the composition of the Committee has been reported to and recognized by the Members of the Union. The Committee shall act as adviser to the Adhering Organization in matters concerning the Union. The Adhering Organization may, if it wishes, delegate some of its power to the Committee for Mathematics. The Committee for Mathematics shall communicate to the Secretary of the Union the name of its chair or secretary.

Candidacy for Membership and Associate Membership

See the instructions that provide information about IMU's activities and the application process for IMU Membership and Associate Membership.


last updated: 2017-05-05