Site Committee
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Site Committee

Following the recommendation of the 1990 General Assembly in Kobe, Japan, the guidelines below have been in place for the operation of the Site Committee for the ICMs.

1. The Site Committee shall consist of the members of the Executive Committee and the President of the Local Organizing Committee of the previous ICM.

2. All Adhering Organizations are invited to place bids to hold an ICM. To be considered by the Site Committee, these bids must be received by the Secretary of IMU by a date to be announced. The Site Committee will then make its recommendations. The recommendations of the Site Committee will be communicated to the IMU Adhering Organizations.

3. The final decision will be taken by the General Assembly. In exceptional cases the General Assembly may consider bids placed after the date announced, but the IMU EC views it most advisable that the IMU Adhering Organizations comply with the regular procedure.

4. While it is impossible to spell out precisely all factors that will influence the final recommendation of the Site Committee, it will take into account the mathematical ambiance, the infrastructure and the economic conditions offered by each bidder, as well as the accessibility of the proposed site and the broad geographical distribution of congresses. All countries interested in making a bid are strongly encouraged to do so.

last updated: 2015-07-17