ICM Emmy Noether Lecture
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ICM Emmy Noether Lecture

The ICM Emmy Noether lecture honors women who have made fundamental and sustained contributions to the mathematical sciences. 

The ICM Emmy Noether Lecture Committee is nominated by the Executive Committee of the International Mathematical Union. The name of the Chair of the Committee is made public, but the names of the other members of the Committee remain anonymous until the ICM.


Nominations for this award have to be submitted to the Chair of the Selection Committee. IMU requests that the Nomination Guidelines are observed.

History of the ICM Emmy Noether Lecture

The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) started the series of annual Noether Lectures  which are one-hour expository lectures presented by a female mathematician at the Joint Mathematics Meetings each January. In 1994, 1998, and 2002 special additional Emmy Noether lectures were presented at the ICMs of these years. For simplicity purposes, the lecturers are now listed as ICM Emmy Noether lecturers.

The IMU General Assembly in Shanghai 2002 had adopted the following Resolution 5: "The General Assembly recommends continuing the tradition of the 1994, 1998, 2002 ICMs, by holding an Emmy Noether lecture at the next two ICMs (2006 and 2010), with selection of the speakers to be made by an IMU appointed committee."

At the General Assembly in Bangalore the Emmy Noether Lectures were adopted as a permanent ICM tradition via Resolution 8: "The General Assembly of the IMU recommends continuing the tradition of holding an Emmy Noether lecture at each ICM, with selection of the speaker to be made by a committee appointed by the IMU Executive Committee." To distinguish between the two series of Noether lectures it was decided to use the name ICM Emmy Noether Lecture for a lecture given at an ICM.

Previous ICM Emmy Noether Lecturers

Previous ICM Emmy Noether Lecture Committees.

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