International Congress of Mathematicians (ICM)
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ICM - International Congress of Mathematicians

Next ICMs

  • The International Congress of Mathematicians 2018 (ICM 2018) will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 1-9, 2018. This is the link to the ICM 2018 Web site.

    The IMU Executive Committee has appointed the ICM 2018 Program Committee (PC) at its meeting in March 2015. The chair of the PC is János Kollár of Princeton University, see here. The PC will set up the structure of the ICM 2018 program and determine the panels for all the ICM sections.

    The roles the Program Committee and the Organizing Committee play in the preparation of the scientific program of an ICM are described in the PC/OC Guidelines.
  • The deadline to present bids for the International Congress of Mathematicians 2022 (ICM 2022) has expired. The International Mathematical Union had invited all IMU Adhering Organizations and national mathematical societies in IMU member countries to submit bids for hosting the International Congress of Mathematicians in the year 2022 and the IMU General Assembly prior to this Congress. Bids for ICM 2022 have been received from (in alphabetical order) France (venue Paris) and Russia (venue St. Petersburg). Based on the report of the Site Visiting Committee, the IMU EC will make a recommendation to the IMU General Assembly 2018 regarding the venue of ICM 2022.


 General Information about ICMs

Previous ICMs

Below are links to the Web pages of recent ICMs as well as a list of all ICMs.

Documentations about previous ICMs

  • The Proceedings of past ICMs are electronically available free of charge.
  • The list of Plenary and Invited Speakers since 1897 is also electronically available.
  • Videos recorded at the International Congresses in 1998 (Berlin), 2002 (Beijing), and 2006 (Madrid), and 2010 (Hyderabad) show the opening ceremonies, plenary lectures, and some other events at these ICMs.

ICM related Grants

    The International Mathematical Union, in cooperation with other mathematical organizations and the local Organizing Committee of an ICM, provides Grants to Young Mathematicians as well as Grants to Senior Mathematicians from developing and economically disadvantaged countries. At each ICM, the local organizers usually offer further grant programs. More Information to be found here
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